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challenge for an architect

A modern business company

ZSE Energy has decided to transform its IT systems to support its business strategy. For us, this meant, in particular, a call to allow more than million clients to access information through various digital channels so that they are available quickly and at any time.

Right from the beginning, we knew we needed a solution that would be able to grow and adapt to the business needs of ZSE. That's why we have designed and delivered the Operational Data Store solution which processes data extracts from the core systems and materializes them for each serving channel. Today, the system contains billions of records and the amount of data which the system processes overnight exceeds 1TB.
Ján Gajdoš, senior developer

On the top of this middle layer, we have gradually built an entirely new Customer Zone, which is currently used by approximately 100,000 customers. Our intention was to create an easy to use application, with a great user experience, hence, in cooperation with our customer, we have optimized several internal processes. We send all requests directly to the core system, where these are automatically processed. This saves a huge amount of time of the company's back-office.

Sales Digitalization

We have created a mobile tablet application for salespeople selling the company's products. Our eSign application enables salespeople to provide the client with a complex sales and service process right at client‘s home. At the same time, he is able to sign all the documents biometrically directly through the seller's mobile device; no paper is used.

For this project, we chose to build one hybrid application in two versions – mobile, for salesmen Android devices, and web-based for ZSE client centers. The application shares the code for frontend and backend logic, allowing us to develop new requirements for both versions at the same time. The application is of course responsive, based on Knockout.js and runs Java under the hood.
Ján Gajdoš, senior developer

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