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For Wüstenrot we have created a solution for multiple distribution channels. In addition to the web services, we also serve an internal and external sales network. All target groups have a lot in common. Therefore, taking into consideration only small differences between the groups we have decided to program things only once.

The website’s visual displays slightly differently for a regular client than for a broker. Also, the product calculators behave a little differently – the broker can see and use client‘s data already stored in the core system.

In reality this means that while Wüstenrot’s client can purchase insurance online, a partner of the insurance company, such as a broker company or an internet comparator, can use REST or SOAP APIs of the same solution to arrive to the same calculation or to the identical insurance contract. Any changes are done in one place and only once. This saves us prescious time so we can focus on other items.
Peter Molnár, architect

Cross-border Cooperation

And here comes an interesting point of this project: we take most of our client‘s data from Austria, where Wüstenrot has its core systems. The interface negotions are a bit more fun than usual. Sill, effectivity is our priority – whatever is agreed, stays. The development usually takes place in parallel. Both teams, the Slovak and the Austrian work independently of each other, however in the end the client expects both parts of the solution to communicate together seamlessly acting as one solution.

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