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Tatra Banka
an outstanding frontend

High Expectations

To build a modern and attractive single page application, full of animation with cool features is a joy! But when it comes to building an internal application for a banking corporation, it brings some challenges such as strict technical, security, and performance requirements.

The application empoweres salespeople to create a great user-experience for affluent bank clients. Therefore, every single detail is crucial.


We have integrated nearly everything into the application - product calculators, animated charts, dynamic reports, drag & drop elements, animated screen transitions ...

With so many functionalities, we had to start doing things differently. When three people work on one thing in a single CSS file, suddenly you have to use a uniformed nomenclature and style of writing itself. Suddenly, even the last mixin has to be documented :)
Marcel Benček, senior frontend developer

Unexpected Opportunities

The application reaps a great success, which makes us very happy. But with success some unexpected requirements came. Interestingly, branches of the RBI Group based in other countries were interested in the solution. We had to rework it a bit, so that it can be easily set up for other languages, changed to design of the local bank branchoffice design, and configured for new products and integrations in line with their external systems. And the standard delivery date? Ideally yesterday… :)

We had to isolate all the parts of the CSS files that create the layout of the application. Consequently we created “skins” or “themes” so that we can easily change the application's visual appearance according to a specific country needs.
Marcel Benček, senior frontend developer

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