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agile testing

Test Scenarios

Union is anagile company, so it was natural for us to set up the testing on this project at the user stories level. Together with our product owners, we transfer the acceptance criteria of individual user stories to the specific test scenarios. We use Hiptest, which is an indispensable helper to us. We use it to generate the basis for automated testing.

Automated Regression Testing

To write and update the test scenarios is a must, but we have pushed the border even further. The selected test scenarios are automated using Selenium Webdriver techology. In case the build did not go successfully through all the automated tests, it will not reach the customer. Within the tester community and in close cooperation with the developers, we have designed a customized test framework for our type of projects.

In order to facilitate regression testing of multichannel forms, in Aston, we use the Selenium IDE. I do not like stereotype to fill 1000 data inputs in 10-step insurance form just to see if everything is ok at the last step. That’s why I like Selenium IDE.
Miro Lago, Clarinetist and Tester

Continuous Development

Without the user stories level of testing, we would not be able to work on such a demanding project as Union’s case is. We continuously develop more than three branches on more than 15 robust applications for all Union distribution channels.

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