About us

Based on the principles of an open company, we bring together people who enjoy creating and not just doing

We have been on the market for more than 27 years. We’ve learned how to develop and run fast-moving web applications in a challenging corporate environment. An environment where business places a high value on frequent and rapid changes and IT values reliability and security.

We are open company
There is no hierarchy here. We do not operate like a typical corporation with processes that push you into action. This is also one of the reasons why people enjoy working here.
We decide together
We want every opinion to be heard and respected. Responsibility for decisions is transferred to teams or communities in the company. Company goals move you and the company forward.
We are transparent
Successes and failures belong to all of us. We value openness and honesty - we do not hide any important information from employees - everyone knows how the company is doing.
We trust each other
Humanity comes first at Aston. Everyone's opinion counts. We balance work responsibility with freedom. We have a common goal and it's up to you which way to get there.
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Our values


If you want to eat a big elephant, cut it into smaller, digestible pieces. We bring simple and effective solutions to our customers.

Systematic approach, simplification, finding the essence of the problem and its solution are the principles we apply inside the company.

  • we do not unnecessarily complicate ideas and tasks, rather we take the first step, iterate, and gradually fine-tune
  • we keep everything straight, we don't beat around the bush and try to overcomplicate things unnecessarily
  • we want everyone to know what to do and everyone to have the tools necessary to do the job
  • we strive for a flat hierarchy this simplifies communication, approval, accessibility, and division of responsibilities
  • we bring simple and effective solutions to the customer.


The mind is like a parachute – It doesn’t work until it opens. We communicate openly about all our successes and failures.

We openly share everything that happens in our company. The key to a good relationship is good communication and the ability to accept and give feedback respectfully. We accept individuality and are open to the opinions of others.

  • we regard communication as the basis for good working relationships
  • we value the ability to give and receive feedback with respect
  • we openly share everything that happens in our company


Change is an experience that will make you richer. We aim to look forward and seek new solutions, to educate and develop.

We enjoy exploring new topics, technologies, and opportunities. We are a bit of a garage, a lab, and a workshop all in one. We like to experiment, sometimes the result is failure, but we see it as a lesson that moves us forward or tells us „ Do not go here" 😊

  • we enjoy looking for the root of the problem, "why" is our favorite question
  • we try new things, new technologies or new practices. We don't always have a project, we simply enjoy it
  • we are inspired by our surroundings, we are constantly learning and getting involved in communities that are similarly in tune


With great power comes great responsibility. We don’t have bosses, it’s up to each one of us to approach our work in a responsible and meaningful way.

In order to operate as a free company, each of us must be accountable for their tasks and decisions.

  • We understand our role in the company, know our strengths and weaknesses too colloquial – weaknesses, so we can improve
  • One´s freedom ends where the freedom of their colleagues begins
  • We form a united team, inspire, and help each other, and move forward as a whole
  • When making decisions, we strive to be clear about our goals while being accountable to ourselves, the team, the customers, the community, and the society - but we always start with ourselves

Life in Aston

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