Marian Mayer
April 24, 2023
3 min.
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At the time of the Covid pandemic, managing the testing of a high number of people in a short time was crucial. The large number of Globsec Summit attendees required a fast and fully automated solution using artificial intelligence.

The lab specialists at MultiplexDX were faced with the challenge of how to test masses of people (thousands) in one place in record time (a few hours) with their new fast yet accurate tests. The first challenge was to prepare a system that could test the attendees of the international Globsec conference, which was due to start in 40 days.

From idea to final product in 40 days

Our team started a hackathon that we were able to create a solution to automate test subject registration, tube pairing, and transfer to databases.

Covid tesstovanie proces

Next, we taught the AI to recognize positive and negative samples by the coloration of the tube. Everything was fully automated on barcodes or QR codes and AI helped with the evaluation of tests in large quantities.


We printed the components we were missing on a 3D printer.

komponenty na testovanie vytlačené na 3D tlačiarni.


Globsec started 40 days later and the MultiplexDX mobile laboratory was able to manage the tests to the satisfaction of those involved and captured the positive samples on time. The system was subsequently used at other events of a similar nature, which were also successful thanks to us during the pandemic.


“Aston very quickly understood where they could bring value. The team was very quick to come up with solutions. We liked the agile approach and the friendly atmosphere in which we worked together.

Peter Kilian, COO