Peter Moravčík
April 22, 2023
5 min.
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The AI:Dental project is an example of successful collaboration between dental and IT professionals. This project shows how AI can help people not only in education but also in healthcare.

Lucia Pašková and Pavol Andel, M.D. are co-founders of Curaprox in Slovakia, a company that manufactures and distributes oral hygiene products. Based on 17 years of working with dental students, they found that students did not know how to read dental x-rays properly. So they got the idea to make a software program using artificial intelligence (AI) to teach them how to do it. The most important thing was to find the right collaboration between doctors and IT experts.

Aston ITM was able to come up with a result in a very short time that brought the project to life and excited the founders.

The first result of our cooperation was a mobile app for students and aspiring dentists/physicians. The app allows them to practice their ability to read dental x-rays. It contains a database of over 1000 images with different types of dental defects and also provides users with feedback on their learning progress. The app also offers the possibility to compare their results with other users.

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Software for professionals

Another added value of the joint collaboration is the AI:Dental part of the solution for professional doctors. This is a functionality called “second opinion”. It is the automatic annotation of images of dental defects on X-rays by AI. This helps doctors save their time by identifying: primary and secondary caries, periapical lesions, root filling problems, problematic teeth.

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AI:Dental thus brings added value to students, dentists and patients.


“The Aston team took the project on board straight away. Even when we faltered, they were able to keep the momentum and move forward. I appreciate their enthusiasm, passion and professionalism.”

Lucia Pašková, CEO

Watch the video to learn more about our collaboration: