Miro Lago
October 6, 2022
3 min.
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Agility at heart

We started our cooperation with the Slovak branch of the Dutch insurance company Achmea in 2004 with the first online travel insurance. Since then, we have delivered more than 50 digital projects enabling digital sales of insurance products. We have covered all online channels and we also provide support the sales network.  


What we particularly value about these projects is the way we work with the customer. We do create collaborative agile teams where our team is extended with people from the insurance company. We have integrated product owner, analyst, and other roles into one common team. We use SCRUM or Kanban (depending on the nature of the project or assignment), joint ceremonies – backlog refinement, planning, demos (not only for the team but also for the management) and joint retrospectives to help us improve. 

Miro Lago, consultant

Once the teams have been through forming and norming, they have moved into the performance phase and are still improving. We give fairly efficient time to agile ceremonies and are able to increase the velocity of the teams and focus on business tasks that deliver results for the insurance company. The teams are completely transparent using customer’s JIRA, where every task and every log is clearly visible. This creates a great foundation for trust and gives visibility of value for money for our partner. Such a well-oiled team can take a business requirement from early morning idea to evening production. Of course, those that we can integrate and test properly. Deployment to production is of course fully automated. 

Two teams, one family

Our knowledge and experience in team formation and management, IT skills, agile techniques, and scrum mastering, together with a clear plan and customer objectives, enable a collaboration where results meet the joy of work.