Martin Rapavý
September 5, 2022
3 min.
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In 2014, the company set the goal of fundamentally shifting its sales and care activities to the digital environment. ZSE Energia chose Aston ITM to be a partner for building the sales and service platform for B2C and SME. 

2 Business goals

Having serviced utilities for years, domain knowledge was a key component for understanding the products, customers, and specific interactions of them.

1. Create more interactions with customers to enable digital sales.

2. Digitize a significant volume of service interactions to reduce the load of other, more costly channels (branch/call center). 

Sales digitization

Attractive UI and best in the segment UX was the one objective of the project. Correct, consistent, and highly available data served to online customers was another one. ZSE runs on SAP and to enable us to provide data and operations for customers 24/7 we built Operational Data Store (ODS). ODS integrates SAP and other utility systems in one, materializes all the necessary or missing data and provides them to customers. 

Our Frontend, Backend and Database teams delivered this complex system which started to adopt its users amazingly fast. From 34.000 in 2016, we helped to surge the number of them to more than 400.000 in 2022. It is a 1.176% increase and by now. Nearly 50% of customers started to use the sales and service platform as a channel. Furthermore, crosssell of important products kept rising and now it makes a significant part of sales numbers. 

As an enhancement of the system, we also created a mobile version of the sales platform for the salesforce which runs on tablets. The salesforce has now a complex digital solution for executing campaigns and direct sales consisting of an automated product portfolio, sales wizards, digital offers and contracts, and digital signature to enable full end-to-end digital sales. 

As a long-run partner, we are evolving this system and providing support on all necessary levels.